You Learn Something New Every Day

I can’t remember who said “You’re never too old to learn” but it’s certainly true. I’ve been in the business for many years yet every time I attend the National Wood Flooring Association’s Education Conference, as I did this Spring, I learn something new.

This year, as you might expect, there was a lot of information on green products and tools. I even attended a breakout session on the subject, where I gained knowledge that will benefit me, my customers and, of course, the environment.

My favorite part of the conference though was the Expo, as it usually is. I was impressed with several innovative products. More importantly, I was inspired by some of the artisans whose work was on display. It was fascinating to the variety of wood combinations in use and the unusual patterns the artists have created.

After the conference, I reflected on my experience and made a commitment to myself: I will always continue to learn, I will forever remain a student. As I witnessed at the NWFA Conference & Expo, new ideas are out there, I just have to keep my mind open enough to find them.

Greg Schenck
June 2008