Wood floors as nature intended.

As many of you know, I’m a Texan through and through. But when it comes to wood flooring, I look for ideas everywhere, even outside the Lone Star state. This time, my research took me all the way to The Netherlands where I found one of the most exciting products to hit the industry in a long time: Bolefloor naturally curved flooring. I’m pleased to say that Schenck & Company is now offering this breath-taking and eco-friendly alternative in Houston.

The innovators at Bolefloor – whose name is devised from “bole,” the trunk of a tree — have devised a way to cut curved planks to follow a tree’s natural growth. Each floorboard is as individual as the tree it came from. The result is less waste and high visual impact — a dynamic combination indeed.


Here’s how it works. You select from five different species of wood in three grades. After we measure your room, the experts at Bolefloor cut the wood planks and ship them to us. Though Bolefloor offers prefinished options, our preference is to install unfinished wood and to have our own craftsmen apply a custom stain and finish. That way, you get a floor ideally suited to your décor and specifications.

It wasn’t nature that created straight-edged wood planks, it was technology. And now state-of-the-art technology is enabling us to create wood floors — or even walls — as nature intended. I invite you to visit our showroom and see this amazing product for yourself. Just call or write for an appointment.

Greg Schenck
March, 2015